iceberg (lettuce)



Robust, firm, with color, maturity, flavor and quality our lettuce lettuce has leaves thick that remain firm during much time, by what has an excellent life of shelf all the year retaining its freshness.
The iceberg lettuce is a compact crisp lettuce and a semi-sweet flavor. Its leaves grow wrapping it and generating its round shape with dense layers.


The iceberg lettuce must be firm and compact head. The color of its leaves should be of green clear to green half, and showing a staining yellow pale towards the heart. If it shows in the base of its stem color soft coffee is not a sign of a mature lettuce, is simply oxidation producing your natural way to seal the harvest cut.
Is possible to store the lettuce ball (lettuce) in some drawer of the refrigerator. The ideal temperature to keep it is between 1 ° C and 4.4 ° C, with relative humidity of 95%.
The lettuce lettuce is can discourage cutting its stem with a knife sharp. Wash and rinse with cold water before using. Drain well to remove moisture. For salads is short in pieces or portions of the size of a bite. For other dishes such as tacos, flutes or toasts, lettuce can grate cut into quarters and then into thin strips with a sharp knife or even using a grater.
Lettuce is a food that provides very few calories for their high content in water, its low amount of carbohydrates and less protein and fat. In terms of its content in vitamins, it highlights the presence of folic acid and provitamin A or beta-carotene, vitamins C and E. Vitamin E is involved in the stability of the blood cells and fertility. Potassium is a mineral necessary for the transmission and the nerve impulse generation and normal muscle activity. Magnesium is related to the operation of bowel, nerves and muscles. The leaves more external of the lettuce concentrate the greater part of vitamins and minerals.