Sweet corn



Our sweet corn is firm in each grain and color yellow uniform and intense or medium intense retains its sweetness and great taste.
Sweet or yellow corn is a variety of corn with one higher sugar content. It is a warmseason vegetable. Its main feature gives it its yellow color, between intense and medium, but firm. It has green leaves that cover all along his way.
Choose the corn sweet with a yellow uniform color, no defects visible. You must have firmness in all their grain.
Keep it refrigerated. Optimal storage temperature: 1° c to 4.4 ° C humidity relative: 95 to 98% produces ethylene: not sensitive to ethylene exposure.
The corn sweet is can simply Cook to consume it, another option is roasting it. It can be added to stews or soups.
The sweet corn is a good source of vitamin C and dietary fiber. It is low in fat and sodium, and contains a significant amount of sugars.