Romaine heart



Hearts of Romaine Lettuce are handselected to ensure your size and shape. Them leaves external of it lettuce are removed to leave only them leaves internal, that show a color green clear, a texture crispy and has a rib white and firm almost to the tip. While more us approach to the Center, the leaves of the hearts are more small, more yellow and more sweet.
Choose the hearts of Romaine Lettuce crisp and fresh appearance, without dark spots and with firm ribs.
Store them hearts of lettuce Romaine in his bag and inside the refrigerator, taking care that not this near fruits that produce ethylene because this them tidier. The ideal temperature is between 1 ° C and 4.4 ° C. Temperature optimum of conservation: from 1 ° C to 4.4 ° C humidity relative: 95 to 100% produces ethylene: is sensitive to the exposure of the ethylene.
He is recommended to wash the hearts of romaine before serve them, rinse them under cold water, then drain them and dry to remove excess moisture. Then slice or cut into the preferred size. They can be added to salad of your choice. Also is can use them leaves whole for the traditional salad César or as base to eat chicken or any other meat to way of taco, even serve to decorate dishes.
Vitamins of the lettuce: to, B, C and E. minerals of the lettuce: magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and phosphorus the juice of lettuce raw is it best that exists for disorders nervous, combat the hysterics, neurasthenia and the epilepsy.