Red Cabbage



Harvest red cabbage with hues reddish and blue of great size, with texture crispy and leaves tender. The red cabbage is a vegetable easy of recognize by your way round and its great size. It has a color purple with reddish tones and blue, more obscure in its interior and a more opaque in their outer leaves. Its texture is very crispy when is raw and has a taste sweet, or at least more sweet that it green cabbage.
Choose red cabbage that present a clean, firm and compact, mass with purple and tender leaves. Manipulate it less possible the plant to avoid damage and losing leaves.
Keep it refrigerated. Avoid storing it together with vegetables or fruits that produce ethylene to prevent aging. Optimal storage temperature: 1° c to 4.4 ° C humidity relative: 95 to 100% produces ethylene: sensitive to ethylene exposure
The red cabbage can be used raw in salads or cooked in various dishes. Is recommended not cut or chop in excess because of this form is promotes the loss of humidity and therefore the wilting. The red cabbage is an important vegetable diet.
The red cabbage is a good source of vitamin C, not contains fat, fat saturated or cholesterol. Help to the system digestive cleansing the tract digestive and improving the digestion.