Our celery stalks crisp and strong, have a uniform and light green color and great taste. Celery is a vegetable composed of stalks with leaves at the top and United in taper at the base. The stems have a crisp texture and a delicate, but slightly salty flavor. Stems in the center known as the heart and are the most tender. Celery is an excellent source of vitamin C.

The celery should have stems straight, of color green and with edges fixed. The interior surfaces must be clean and smooth, and the leaves should be fresh and of uniform color, no signs of wilting. The hearts of celery represent the best part of the stalk of celery. They are cut approximately 22 cm from its base and packed carefully.

It is possible to store celery in a drawer of the refrigerator for a week. Rinse before cooking. To prevent the discoloration or stains store away from those vegetables or fruits that produce ethylene. Optimal storage temperature: 1 ° c to 4.4 ° C humidity relative: 98 to 100% produces ethylene: is sensitive to ethylene exposure.
The celery can eat is raw or cook it. They can chop stems and leaves to add to soups or sauces. The stems can eat is as snacks by adding any dip or dressing.
The celery is an of them vegetables more light that exist in the nature since the 95% of its composition is water, besides contain so only 9 calories each 100 grams, resulting a food healthy and refreshing. Is a food controller in all them levels, to which resort them specialists in dietary to include it in the programs of loss of weight. Another of them properties of this food is delete or regular them levels of acid uric by what will be beneficial for them sick of rheumatism, drop, diabetic, or which suffer of stones in the kidney or the gallbladder. Vitamin B1, B2 and B6 levels provide benefits for the eyes, bones and hair, as well as the wealth of minerals (especially potassium) help the transmission and generation of the nerve impulse and muscle activity. Frequent consumption of this vegetable provides some regulation in the circulatory system, lowers cholesterol, fights hypertension and avoids the appearance of diseases related to the heart.


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